Weekly Playlist #41: country girls

Overwhelmingly, country girls won the popular vote for today’s weekly playlist. If you’re wondering where the voting happens these days, follow us on Twitter & Instagram to find out! This playlist is a really fun one – it’s full of artists I haven’t really featured before. In fact, it’s full of a lot of artists I’d never even heard of until I put this playlist together! I wanted to highlight some women of country who don’t get played on the radio – at least, they don’t get played much on UK country radio stations – and I wanted to share some artists other than my friends.


We all know by now that I’m hopelessly biased and a lot of my playlists feature my friends. I can’t help myself. They’re just so talented.


Anyway – country girls is a collection of some absolutely fantastic songs I discovered whilst Spotify-hopping, and I really hope you find yourself a new favourite – or 10. Let’s get into some highlights.


First up: Stoned Age is a song I added to my favourites months ago. I knew I wanted to feature it on a playlist, but I didn’t know which one until I started to curate this. It has such an easy groove and Dasher’s voice is like butterscotch. If you like your country a little bluesy, you’ll love this.


Somebody Like That is very mainstream contemporary country-pop but it has such a memorable melody and it’s a song I return to day after day (and can’t help but sing along to). It seems only fitting it should earn a highlight this week.


F-150 is my final highlight. Ottolini’s voice is smooth as silk and her delivery carries so much sass, gaining in confidence as the song progresses. It wasn’t an easy choice to make, given the competition, but it’s definitely a worthy winner of my final highlight.


Find the full playlist here on Spotify.


I love hearing your thoughts on these playlists – let me know what your highlights are, and if you have any more undiscovered gems to share – I’m always all ears!