Weekly Playlist #43: country boys

This week’s tie was broken by the gorgeous Jess T who chose country boys – so without further ado, welcome to weekly playlist #43.


Much like the female counterpart playlist, I tried to include artists on this list who aren’t just my friends and who I don’t hear on the radio all the time. There’s a little more familiarity in this list than in the country girls playlist, because I’ve featured and reviewed a couple of these songs and artists here on the blog before. To a large extent though, these songs are new to me and discovered solely through recommendations – both from friends and from Spotify’s algorithms. (Also, some of these songs I discovered and fell in love with years ago, but they’ve stuck with me. They’re not all new!)


My first highlight on the list this week is Slow Dance. If you haven’t heard of Dustin Chapman before, you are in for an absolute treat. Dustin is an absolute sweetheart with an enormous voice. I fell in love with this song when he first sent it to me and it hasn’t left my playlists since. You can often find me singing along to the bridge in my car whilst air-drumming on the steering wheel.


War With My Mind is my second highlight this week. It’s a departure from the country-pop sound that dominates much of this playlist. I love the slowness, the strings and the steady rhythm – it sounds like watching raindrops race down a window on a grey morning. The lyrics of this song resonate with me – the concept of being at war with your own mind and struggling to quit bad habits – it has all the honesty and vulnerability associated with country music.


My final highlight is Hackin’ Darts. A departure from the previous two tracks – perhaps the playlist isn’t quite as one-note as I’d first imagined – this song has some very clear honky-tonk influence and Jade Eagleson’s delivery is fantastic. The song is a great showcase for his tremendous range and it’s all-around fun with plenty of stereotypes and traditional country music references sprinkled throughout the lyrics.


Find the full playlist here on Spotify.


I want to give a special shoutout here to Hippies and Cowboys by Cody Jinks – a song I’ve played once or twice on my #OutlawHour show over on ARC Radio and to Home Away From Home by Tim Dugger. These two songs were so close to making this week’s highlights and I couldn’t let the playlist write-up go without telling you how much I adore both of these songs. If I’m not singing along to Dustin Chapman in the car, I’m probably singing along to Home Away From Home.


Wow – three highlights and two honourable mentions – there’s a lot of great music in this playlist! As always, I’d love to know what you think of them, so join the conversation on our socials and tell me your highlights!