It’s time for weekly playlist #44 and this week you voted for feeling classic! In case you missed it: our playlist polls are now on Twitter and Instagram, so make sure you’re following us there to make your votes count each week! This week, I offered a sneak peek at the artists who feature on each playlist to help you decide. I’d love to know whether you like the idea or whether you’d rather be surprised – let me know on socials or leave me a comment!


So, let’s get into feeling classic – I wanted to curate a list of contemporary artists who offer a traditional country sound. When I say traditional, I’m thinking about the instruments we all associate with country music – steel guitars, fiddles, banjos – and I’m really excited to have discovered some great tracks.



My first highlight this week is Drop Dead Gorgeous by Regan Stewart. This landed in my inbox a little while ago, and as soon as I heard it I knew I had to get it on a playlist. Stewart’s soulful voice and the lush harmonies give this song a very old-school sound.


Our second highlight is Fishing In The Dark and it was chosen by Danny, one of our playlist consultants. He says the intro to this song sounds like wide open plains and a slow-panning landscape shot. The instrumentation and musical flourishes are exceptional. It’s an exercise in minimalism creating a big sound. It’s very evocative.


My final highlight is Comfort by Shannon Hynes. I’ve listened to Shannon’s EP a lot recently and I’m obsessed with the traditional sound she’s created. Shannon’s high, unique voice coupled with the strings, steel guitar and very real, everyday storytelling reminds me of Dolly Parton. There are so many classic-sounding standouts on her EP, but this was an instant favourite.


Find the full playlist here on Spotify.


As always, don’t forget to share YOUR highlights with us – and let us know who we should include in volume 2!