Weekly Playlist #46: the 'shine, the beer, the bourbon

This week’s poll was (almost) unanimous in choosing ‘the shine, the beer & the bourbon’ to be the 46th weekly playlist. Shout out to everyone who sent me a message saying ‘is it even a choice’ – I mean, it was up against ‘dance party’ and anything is a dance party once you’ve been on the moonshine.


This was one of the easiest playlists I’ve ever put together. Once I settled into the concept, the songs just came – some are songs I already knew and loved (looking at you, TC3) whilst some are new to me, courtesy of Spotify’s recommendation algorithm. Regardless of how they came to me, these songs are all low down and dirty, perfect for a hot night, cold glass and fire pit.


My first highlight this week is Lowdown & Lonesome.  I’ve played this song once or twice on Outlaw Hour and I love it. Marvel’s voice is so unique – rough and rich, reminiscent of so many of the greats but still well-matched with his contemporary peers. This is a great song with a powerful, driving pace. I can almost feel the heat from the fire already.


Next up is Let The Rain Come Down. I love the dichotomy of this song. The guitar tone is reminiscent of the fun, feisty side of The Cadillac Three whilst the beat is low and lazy, very dark country – I could play this on Outlaw Hour too and it would fit in just fine.


My last highlight for this week is Country Side Of Life. The funk influence makes this song really fun, but it has Blackberry Smoke’s signature laid back style and rich orchestration. The Whippoorwill is one of my favourite albums – surely you must know by now that I absolutely adore this lazy moonshine-drinking, electric guitar-toting groove-rock subsect of country music, and Blackberry Smoke – an accidental discovery about five years ago – have been one of my favourites for a long time.


Find the full playlist here on Spotify.


So, crack open a cold one, light a fire and kick back – join the conversation and let me know your highlights. What’s YOUR favourite song to sip moonshine to?