Weekly Playlist #47: coastal vibes

It was another tight poll this week, but you chose coastal vibes as our 47th weekly playlist. This playlist captures the euphoria of summer and the warm ease of an aimless drive down a coastal highway. Since the sun has made a reappearance and the temperatures are finally starting to rise again after a long cold winter, this playlist couldn’t come at a better time.


This week’s highlights were so hard to choose because each one of these songs has something unique to bring to the collection. I’ve narrowed it down though, and first up is Get Lost In Some Rock And Roll. I love the vibe of Sarah Harralson’s music and the way it takes me back to summer afternoons in my first car, when I’d drive just because I could. I had nowhere to go, but that was part of the fun. This song is so easy and casual and brings back some of my favourite memories.


Next up is These Days by MacKenzie Porter. This song has seen a stratospheric rise, but the one thing that remains the same is the way it makes me feel – from the first listen to the thousandth to today – this song epitomises the euphoria of summer, the endless days and endless skies and as many friends as you can fit into your car.


In My Veins shares some of the same euphoria but combines it with a little more traditional fiddle and maybe even a line dance or two. This song makes me excited for blue skies and sunshine.


Find the full playlist here on Spotify.


It’s finally starting to feel like Spring is on her way. What are YOUR favourite summertime jams? Let me know your highlights, and don’t forget to share and follow these artists if you love their music!