Weekly Playlist #50: fired up & feisty

This week’s tie was broken by Dom from Country Chat – thanks Dom! Dom chose fired up and feisty which is a playlist I’ve been working on for almost a year – as you’ll see when you look at when some of the earlier tracks were added. This is our 50th weekly playlist – we’re almost at that one-year mark ourselves – and it’s time to get fired up.


This week’s first highlight is Country Words. I know I’ve highlighted Shannon Hynes’ music quite recently, but it’s no secret that I’ve been obsessed with it lately. This song was my introduction to Shannon, and it’s the song that inspired the whole playlist, so it just makes sense that it’s a highlight this week. What I love most about Shannon’s music is that when she tells you a story, she tells you a real story. She’s not afraid of specificity in her lyrics, and the way she pulls her songs together with traditional fiddles and steel guitar just oozes country music. Shannon’s EP is in my car for roadtrip karaoke sessions, and this song especially is fantastic for screaming out loud with the windows down.


My next highlight is Biscuits, because it’s just super fun. I love Kacey Musgraves and I’m obsessed with her awesome attitude – to coin a phrase, her give a damn is busted. She doesn’t care what anyone else thinks – she makes the music she loves, she forges her own path, and if people don’t like it – that’s on them. She’s also an outspoken supporter of equality – another admirable outlook. It’s an attitude we could all benefit from, I’m sure – and it’s reflected in this song as she sings mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy.


Finally, I have to highlight Girl Talk. So many of my friends were involved in this project – both friends of Three Chords and artists who’ve become close personal friends of mine too – and to see the way it’s reached so many has been incredible. We discussed it in our review and in our ‘meet the girl gang’ articles, but this song explores the attitudes towards women both in music and in social settings; Emilia Quinn used her platform to showcase the talent of over 20 incredible artists as well as herself – and even more in the fantastic video – there’s just not enough time for me to tell you all the reasons why I adore this song. You’ll just have to listen for yourself.


Find the full playlist here on Spotify.


Shout out to Not Ready To Make Nice for always making me cry. It’s such a powerful song.


That’s #50 in the books! What are your highlights this week? Let me know on our socials! Don’t forget to submit some lyrics for the next round of Help From My Friends, and save the date – the live stream will happen on April 10th!