Weekly Playlist #51: dark country

This week’s playlist was another overwhelming win – this time, you chose dark country! This playlist has some seriously moody vibes. I started this playlist by collating a list of blues-country songs. That became blues-rock, and then some darker alt-country and outlaw got mixed in, and finally – when the playlist was over two hours long – I realised I needed to be a bit more choosy. So one playlist became four or five, and dark country became a playlist of its own.


Quite a few of these songs have appeared on other playlists – or, if you’re a regular listener to my show on ARC Radio – on the Outlaw Hour. There’s so much crossover in this little group of subsects!


Highlight #1 is the first track on the list: Glitter Ain’t Gold. This song is just a jam – it gives me some serious Sons of Anarchy vibes and I just want to be on the open road with nothing but wheels and the clothes on my back – or something like that. Whiskey Myers is fast becoming a favourite band of mine for their rich and effortless blend of everything I love about blues, country and rock music. The way the music alone evokes so much emotion and imagery is spectacular.


My next highlight is The Railroad, and if you’re a keen Outlaw Hour listener, you’ll have heard this on Tuesday evenings. It’s such an interesting composition; the call-and-answer section is so visceral and recurring motifs just pull you into another world.


Take Me Home, Country Roads is a song I never thought I’d include on a dark country playlist, but this is 2021 and I’ve come to expect absolutely nothing anymore. This is such a moody rendition of a classic song. The piano is eerie and ominous and Brandi Carlile is an absolute sensation. Her vocal ability is astounding: whether she’s blowing your face off with sheer power or exercising restraint as she is here, there’s so much passion in her delivery. This cover was made for a horror movie.


Find the full playlist here on Spotify.


That’s one more playlist done and dusted – let me know your highlights! Also, last call for submissions for our next Help From My Friends challenge; submissions will be closing in the next few days to give our songwriters time to get their songs written!