weekly playlist #52: days of gold

Well friends, we’ve made it. This week marks a whole year of Three Chords and our 52nd weekly playlist! To celebrate, you’ve chosen days of gold – quite aptly, considering the unseasonably warm weather we’ve enjoyed of late and the laid back, fun-loving nature of the playlist itself.


Grab your shades, tip it on back and head down to the river for some days of gold.


This week, my highlights could quite easily include any combination of songs on this playlist. But – as always – I’ve managed to narrow it down to just three, and my first is Down To The River. TC3’s debut album, Tennessee Mojo, was my first introduction to the band and I loved them right from the start. I’m obsessed with the lazy, laid-back vibe of their music, the dirty fuzz and filthy bass. They’ve smashed it out of the park with each album, but their debut is still my favourite for the days of gold vibe. This is what a bank holiday weekend was made for.


My second highlight is Beer Money. Kip Moore is a wildly underrated artist, and one I don’t listen to enough – I recently treated myself to an entire day with his Spotify catalog and had a whale of a time – and yet, I still sleep on him and his music. This song just screams summer nights – or summer afternoons, or any time of day with a high sun, blue sky and cold bottle in hand.


Finally, I want to talk about Glory Be. It’s not exactly country – I mean, it flirts around the edges and there are definitely some elements in common with the more southern rock country bands – but it was made for this kind of playlist and it fits the vibe just perfectly. Don’t @ me. Or do, if you want to tell me your highlights of the playlist!


Find the full playlist here on Spotify.


Whew, that’s a whole year of weekly playlists in the books! Can you believe it?! Thanks for joining me on the ride – we’re just getting started.