Weekly Playlist #54: coffeehouse vibes

An overwhelming result for coffeehouse vibes this week means that our 54th weekly playlist is perfect for those long mornings that stretch into lazy afternoons with a bottomless cup and a good book. I can’t wait to get back to the coffeeshop life – there’s nothing quite like that fresh-coffee smell to accompany some people watching.


This week’s playlist is a collection of mellow, gently-uplifting, soothing and sometimes lazy songs – perfect for whiling away the hours in a quiet corner.


Lauren Jenkins, Celine Ellis and O’Neill & Jones make up this week’s highlights. Ain’t That Hard is Jenkins’ first release since parting ways with Big Machine – but the experience seemed to only deepen her propensity for writing lyrics fans can connect with.


Too Late is one of my favourite releases of the year so far – a throwback to the folk-rock I listened to in my teens, with a little influence from Aimee Mann and Fleetwood Mac. Broken Shoes, meanwhile, is all folk with a little country twist and gorgeous harmonies – another easy favourite.


Find the full playlist here on Spotify.


This playlist could have been three hours long so there’s definitely a part two in the works. Let me know your highlights from part one – and drop your recommendations for part 2!