Weekly Playlist #55: country gals 2.0

A little late, but don’t hold it against me! You loved the first installment so I’m back with part two. For our 55th weekly playlist, you chose country gals 2.0. Much like part one, this playlist is full of artists who are completely new to me. Until putting this playlist together, I had never listened to them before, and these two compilations (and their male-presenting counterparts) have been some of my favourites to curate.


First up is How Lucky Am I. This song has so much to unpack: the gorgeous bounce in the bassline, the slide guitar, Kaitlin Butts’ gorgeous voice and the cinematic vibe throughout the entire soundscape. I’d love to hear more of this on country radio.


My second highlight is Baggage. This song has a very vintage, soulful sound – perfectly complementary to Rachel McIntyre Smith’s rich, sultry voice. Her lyrics are smart and witty – the best bits of young Taylor Swift and Kacey Musgraves – both of whom she cites as inspirations. This song has such a classic sound and I absolutely love it.


Finally, Show Your Hand is a different kind of classic. This one is more rock n’ roll inspired than classic country. It has a pace not unlike much of the outlaw movement, and I’m an absolute sucker for a banjo so Katee Kross has played this song right into my heart.


Listen to the full playlist here on Spotify.


Work has already begun on part three – but if you’ve got any secret gems I might not have heard yet, drop them into my DMs over on our socials! Don’t forget to let me know your highlights, and stay tuned for a week jam-packed with brand new content.