Weekly Playlist #56: summer anthems

This is summer anthems. This one is for the festival-goers. It’s for the bright days and brighter nights full of friends, booze and music. It’s for campfire singalongs and top-down roadtrips. It’s for singing along at the top of your lungs.


This playlist has been about a year in the making. It came together immediately – quicker than any other. It’s quite pop-heavy – but controversially, I don’t hate the pop-country fusion. I think it lends itself fantastically to playlists like this one. These are the songs that – love them or not – I can imagine get a huge reception at gigs and festivals, with crowds of thousands screaming the lyrics. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to be in that crowd again.


This week’s first highlight is My Church. The song really does feel like a spiritual experience, and having been in the room screaming along as Maren Morris sung on stage – this song is fantastic live. It was made for that crowd participation! I’ve never felt anything like it.


Next up is Wild At Heart. This is from Gloriana’s debut album, in their original four-piece lineup. It’s a song that struck me immediately for its free-spirited and vivacious sound, and for that tendency towards a call-and-answer singalong. That bridge with bocals and percussion only just makes me feel things. I want to be in a field singing along.


Finally, Somethin’ I’m Good At. At last, a return to form with Brett Eldredge making both the playlist and the highlight selection! This is another song I’ve seen live – and again, there’s nothing quite like it. A born performer, Eldredge sells every song like its sand to a camel – but this one especially really got the crowd going. The fast-paced tongue-twister bridge verses are interactive and messy but everyone is singing along.


Listen to the full playlist here on Spotify.


Choosing highlights this week was hard! Shout out to Day Drunk, the song written for 2020, and to Long Live The Night for being the absolute perfect way to cap off such an anthemic playlist. Work has already begun on the second instalment of this playlist, so don’t forget to share your anthemic faves with me – and don’t forget to let me know your highlights!