Weekly Playlist #57: songs to cry to

Songs to cry to. Because sometimes, days are tough. Sometimes, the weeks are even tougher. We’ve shone a lot of light on what’s at the end of the tunnel, but today it’s the turn of those melancholy days. Grab a blanket, grab some tissues and just let yourself feel.


Highlights for this week are hard. Raymond and Ellsworth tie for highlight #1 because both explore very similar themes: a loved one battling dementia. I’ve always said that losing someone you love is hard, but watching someone you love lose themselves is the hardest of all. Both of these songs hit home on a very personal level, and they’re my go-to’s for an emotional release.


Remember When is my next highlight. A somewhat more positive reflection on a life lived, Alan Jackson infuses such a somber ache into every verse. Did his lover leave, or die, or is his lover sick? It’s such a relatable song for anyone in (or who has been in) a lengthy relationship, and it hits right in the feels.


Finally, let’s talk about Lauren Mascitti and Losing My Mind. Country music is full of heartbreak ballads and breakup songs, but few are more desperately moving than this. Mascitti has such a stunning voice and delivers a showstopping performance with this song.


Listen to the full playlist here on Spotify.


You know I love to hear your thoughts, so get in touch and let me know your highlights! Stay tuned for a jam-packed week full of featured artist fun next week – see you there!