Weekly Playlist #58: covers vol 3

There are a lot of things that aren’t secrets: the sky is blue. Grass is green. Country music makes the world go round. Another thing that isn’t a secret is that I love a cover song. So I’m so excited that you chose covers for this week’s weekly playlist! Just as a reminder, in case you were wondering, you can vote for our weekly playlists every Friday on our Instagram stories.


So let’s get into it. My first highlight this week is track #1 on the playlist, I’m On Fire. This is a cover of one of my favourite Springsteen songs. It’s been reimagined beautifully by Whitey Morgan and the 78’s (if you listen to Outlaw Hour, you’ll be familiar with Whitey and his band) with a wonderful southern rock twist – including a guitar riff in the intro that reminds me just a little of Folsom Prison Blues.


Next up is The Story. This is an absolutely stunning cover by Dolly Parton! It’s incredibly faithful to Brandi Carlile’s original, but the unique lightness and lilt of Dolly’s voice brings a whole new sound. Dolly’s delivery also shows off her tremendous power and control – she’s still got it!


Finally – and I went back and forth for a while, but I’m naming Josephine as my third highlight. I didn’t want to include so many songs from one album, but this has always been one of my favourite Brandi Carlile songs, and this cover is just spectacular – so much so, that there are plenty of friends who will attest to my excitement when I shared the Spotify link. The hammond organ mixing with piano, Anderson East’s raw and heartfelt voal delivery and that voice reminiscent of Ray LaMontagne just hit perfectly. I love everything about this cover.


Listen to the full playlist here on Spotify.


Tell me your favourite covers! I always love finding new music – I love to share the music I love, but I love it when people share the music they love with me, too. Let me know in a comment or on our socials, and tell me your highlights from this list too!