Weekly Playlist #59: young love

Every dog has its day, and it’s finally the turn of young love! This is one of the oldest playlists on our Spotify account, having been started over a year ago! This one features songs that explore blossoming relationships between young people – quite literally, ‘young love’.


Now for some highlights! First up is Carter’s Chord – whatever happened to these ladies?! I love this song for its harmonies. There’s nothing unique about the story: boy rolls into girl’s driveway under the cloak of night, they sing to the radio as tires kick up dust, they lay in a field in faded jeans – but it’s so wistful and expressive.


Highlight #2 comes from Deana Carter – and if Strawberry Wine isn’t an absolute country classic, then I don’t know what is. Like Young Love and like many of the songs on this playlist, the song explores a moment of nostalgia remembering a love gone by – a summer fling before autumn and adulthood came calling. But it’s not just the story of this song that makes it such a relatable tale. It’s the self-deprecation of ‘I still remember when thirty was old’ and the self-awareness of ‘is it really him or the loss of my innocence I’ve been missing so much?’ 


My final highlight is Damn You Seventeen. A slight twist on the high school romance trope, this album track from Lady A’s 747 explores the one memory the singer can’t move on from – even though they want to. It’s not especially wistful but it’s certainly nostalgic, with a faint air of regret. I love the repeated focus on the senses and the stoplight analogy. And, as always, there are some lovely Lady A harmonies!

Find the full playlist here on Spotify.


Trisha Yearwood deserves an honourable mention this week for having two songs on the list – She’s In Love With The Boy is obviously another stone cold classic, and Georgia Rain has the most beautiful wistful yearning vibes.


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