Weekly Playlist #65: windows down

From the very early days of Three Chords, I’ve made no secret of the fact that I love a roadtrip. No roadtrip is complete without snacks, but more importantly, no roadtrip is complete without tunes. Roadtrip playlists are some of my favourites to make: playlists for driving at night, driving fast, driving aimlessly with no destination in mind – there are so many vibes to choose from. This playlist fulfills the roadtrip karaoke option: if you fancy rolling your windows down and singing at the top of your voice, this one’s for you.


My first highlight is the song that inspired the entire list. Country Words is a song we reviewed way back when, but it’s still a favourite today. This entire playlist came to life on one of those aimless drives one sunny afternoon, when I found myself flying down a country lane with my windows down, singing out loud. The song is vaguely menacing as it asks ‘you wanna take us all on?’ but the empowerment is liberating on the road.


My next highlight is 80s Mercedes, and bonus points if you get to sing along to this one from an 80s Merc. I just love everything about the vibe of this song. I feel like a hard-to-get starlet when I’m singing along at the top of my voice, and yes, I am a 90s baby – thanks for noticing.


Finally, it’s Judgin’ To Jesus because if this isn’t one of the most fun songs ever, then you’re not reading Three Chords right now. It’s sassy, slightly self-deprecating, and definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously. Basically, it’s just the way I like it.

Find the full playlist here on Spotify.