Weekly Playlist #66: take me to texas

It’s been a little while, but the weekly playlists are back! I’m absolutely thrilled that you chose Texas this week, because we’re coming up on the anniversary of my own trip to Houston – one of my favourite places in the world – and this playlist is perfect for reminiscing.


My first highlight this week is We’re From Texas. As Danny, our playlist coordinator put it: if this isn’t one of your highlights, you’re doing it wrong. It’s full of bold, brash sass, and it’s completely unashamed.


My second highlight is Texas Home. As much as I love bold honky-tonk country and dark, bluesy country and straight-up southern rock country, I grew up in the 1990s and 2000s. Mellow indie vibes are my jam, and I love the Americana harmonica and the Mumford-meets-Ryan-Adams sound to this song.


The strings in Galveston Bay take the third highlight spot this week. Parker McCollum’s voice is gorgeous, and I love the rhythm to this song – it reminds me a lot of Irish country music. I love hearing all of those different influences and roots blend together.


Find the full playlist here on Spotify.