weekly playlist #67: arc radio birthday bash

Our good friends at ARC Radio have been on the air for a whole year! To celebrate, they’re hosting a birthday party tonight at their listener awards, and we’ve made a playlist to honour the nominees. Some of these incredible nominees have been nominated for multiple awards. Where songs or albums have not been specified, only one song per artist has been included. Where an artist has been nominated for a specific song or album, the song or a selected song from the album is also included. We’ve loved being part of the ARC family over the last year, and we can’t wait for year 2!


Let’s dive in!


This playlist features some of my absolute favourites from the last 18 months! I’ve managed to narrow it down to just 3 highlights, but it was a tough one!


First up is Take My Demons. It’s such a different sound – especially for Caitlin Mae, who typically produces more of a country-pop sound. I love the darkness in this single and the minimalism in the orchestration. It shows incredible maturity in such a young performer, especially when you compare it to Caitlin’s first few singles at the very start of the year.


Next up, I’m highlighting Late To The Table. I’ve made absolutely no secret of how much I adore the table and its entire release strategy, but this song especially is stunning. Emma has a way with words, and the layers of self-assurance, confidence and perhaps the vaguest hint of frustration just make this song. And of course, Emma has one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard!


Finally, Skeletons. One of my songs of the year. I’m absolutely obsessed with the lyricism in this song – ‘you’ve got skeletons in your closet / and I’ve got bones to pick with them’ – I mean, can we just take a moment to appreciate that wordplay?! I love Brothers Osborne, I love their traditional country mixed with rock and gospel sound, I love TJ’s voice, I love their harmonies and I especially love their lyrics. This whole album is spectacular, but the title track is my favourite.



Are you going to the awards show? Let me know your highlights!