outlaws - weekly playlist 7


This week’s winner is OUTLAWS! This playlist was suggested by Danny, and he recommended songs with a raw, rock energy and a little bit of crime. I think we’ve just about got you covered, Danny!


This week’s highlights were almost impossible to narrow down because there are so many great songs here – but if I have to choose, I’m definitely going for Monroe Suede by Ashley Monroe, Hell on Heels by Pistol Annies and Storm the Gates by Robert Henry.


Monroe Suede immediately became an all-time favourite before I’d even finished listening.  It’s exactly what I love in a song – a great beat, some fiddle, a story I can get invested in – oh, and a great voice to boot! I’ve written a thousand stories in my head about Monroe Suede and her antics.


Hell on Heels really opened my eyes and ears to something new in country music – something I never knew I’d been missing, but that made so much sense.  It’s raw, it’s dark, the Annies’ harmonies are to die for – and again, there’s a story here that I can immerse myself in.  Isn’t that the basis of country music?


Storm the Gates is new to me, but it’s the winter 2020 World Songwriting Awards winner in the Traditional Country Song category. Recorded in Nashville, this one is gritty, hard-hitting and angry and I think it’s the perfect way to end an Outlaw playlist.




What are YOUR highlights? What else would you have added – should I make a volume 2?! Don’t forget, you can suggest your own themes for future playlists too!