Weekly Playlist #70: the country showdown

This week’s playlist is a unique one! You might know that our friend Emma Moore recently started a new business called Custom Country Stuff. She posted a photo on Twitter of a pair of custom-designed water bottles celebrating the men and women of country music – and I couldn’t resist a playlist!


Since the lineup was Emma’s idea, I asked her to choose some highlights. She has impeccable taste, so I knew we were in safe hands!


Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad – I love everything about this song! It’s been a staple in my family for years, but nostalgia aside it’s just brilliant. Tammy Wynette has one of the most naturally brilliant voices, and this early feminist anthem still bites today.

Walkaway Joe – I mean, how can you not sing along to this song?! It’s classic Country storytelling, to a gorgeous melody and Trisha’s voice alongside Don Henley is just magical.

Always On My Mind – It was pretty hard to choose between these guys, but Always on My Mind is such a haunting song – I had to choose it. It’s truly universal and to this day one of the most gorgeous melodies.


Listen to the full playlist here on Spotify.
I love making these weekly playlists, and I really loved collaborating with Emma on this one! Let us know in a comment or over on our socials who wins your love – and what your highlights are!


PS: to buy the bottles in the cover photo & more, check out the Custom Country Stuff Etsy shop!