Get your glad rags on because it’s girls’ night!


Girls' Night - weekly playlist #9


Yes, this week’s winner is girls’ night!  This playlist is full of songs about getting wild, having fun and getting a little – uh – rowdy.


Which brings me nicely to my highlights.


Rowdy by RaeLynn is right at the top of that list.  I saw RaeLynn sing this one live when she opened for Maren Morris in 2019 and it’s been one of my favourites ever since.  How can you not love a song about going out and having fun sung by a self-described ghetto redneck?!


My other highlights this week include Open All Night by Jessie James Decker and Get Wild by Donna Marie Songs.  The former is an earworm of epic proportions and perfect for some pre-drinks, whilst the latter – one of our recent reviewees – is the perfect recipe for a night on the town.

I hope this is a perfect soundtrack to your Saturday night. Don’t forget to let me know YOUR highlights, and what songs you would have included! As always, you can suggest your own themes here!