#WMYC - Adele & Andy

We’ve been fans of Adele & Andy for a long time here at Three Chords. We’ve celebrated several singles and their debut EP, and now – following the tremendous success of their most recent hit As Much As I Miss You – we made time to sit down and talk about #whatmadeyoucountry.



(Country music is) all about the story for us. It’s a way to express ourselves, explore meanings, and send out messages. When we listen to country songs we feel the emotions and experiences. It is a way of releasing tension, disappearing into someone else’s world but seeing it from your own eyes. Country music is not judgemental. It is cathartic and inspirational. For us we love hearing other artists, their experiences, their interpretations and how they see the world.


Country music just feels right – Adele’s voice, for the reasons above, it’s more than music. It’s an experience. Country music is inclusive and welcoming. The community feels like family. As a songwriter if we can touch our audience by making them feel better about themselves or understand an event, it is truly amazing. Country music has allowed us to make sense of things that have happened to us as individuals. This genre speaks the truth and brings out emotions that would ordinarily be kept hidden.


ANDY: I think (the first country song I ever heard) was Country Roads by John Denver. It was a transference into places I’d been and where I felt most at home.

ADELE: I always remember going on road trips with one of my sisters and blasting out a bit of Lady A & Taylor Swift in the car. They were always such feel-good songs and hearing them today brings back some awesome memories.


The artist that inspired us most is Luke Combs. He has the ability to make the simple things in life seem the best and that’s exactly how we feel. Listening to his music makes us want to grab our mates for a beer, jump in the car and have a spontaneous weekend away and to just simply enjoy everything life has to throw at you! All this coming from someone who has also suffered with anxiety just makes us feel like we can take over the world.


If we could only listen to one country album for the next decade, it would be What You See Is What You Get by Luke Combs. We have this album on repeat in our car. Even our son sings and dances along to it. The album of over 17 songs is not just about crushed beer cans but also resolute life lessons. His knowledge belies his tender age of 29 and he speaks the truth. We love the way that he doesn’t fall into the traditional vein of tying together tracks and each song feels like completely new story. The album title ‘What You See Is What You Get’ embodies it all for us. There are no pretences, and he’s just a normal guy you want to go and have a beer with.




The House that Built Me just takes you back to that happy time as a child. You see the house you lived in, the events that unfolded and realise that everything in life derives in these times. Jersey on the Wall just touches you from the get-go. A refection of grief and how loss can challenge one’s faith.


Never Alone is a song of unconditional love and support as well as the importance of holding on to one’s faith in difficult times, whilst Humble & Kind is a song that speaks everything about goodness. Stay is a very emotional song about betrayal. The story is just so descriptive, and you can feel every emotion. However, we also see it as a healing song too. It has absolutely everything.



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