#WMYC: Ashley Taylor

Bakersfield, CA native Ashley Taylor joins us today for #whatmadeyoucountry.  Ashley released her debut EP Bakersfield in January 2019, to great success.  The EP charted at #60 on the iTunes Country album charts and was met with positive reviews by critics and fans alike.


 To me country music is honesty. It’s songs about real life sung by real people.


I remember it like it was yesterday. My grandmother was a huge Loretta Lynn fan and I remember she would play “Coal Miners Daughter” on repeat. It was the first country song I ever heard and one of my earliest memories.


My very first country music concert was to see Trisha Yearwood for my sweet 16. She blew me away with her voice and I honestly just really loved how she talked to the crowd and connected with people.


My greatest influence is hands-down Gretchen Wilson. I remember being a kid and seeing her video for “Redneck Woman” come on the TV. I was immediately hooked and knew that I was a country girl through and through.


If I could only listen to one country album for the next ten years, it would be Brandy Clark’s “Big Day In A Small Town”. That record changed my life!


You can hear more from Ashley on her website, or by following her on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.