We’re back with another round of #whatmadeyoucountry and this time, we’re talking to Chris Andreucci. If you haven’t heard of Chris yet, fasten your seatbelts because he’s about to take you on a wild journey from Glasgow to Nashville. Pulling from influences including Bruce Springsteen, Jason Isbell and Eric Church, the Scottish-born singer-songwriter has been dubbed ‘Scotland’s best country music artist’ (Capital FM) and has toured the USA from coast to coast – oh, and he’s signed a publishing and development deal with Century Music Group in Nashville.


I don’t know about you, but I’m convinced. Andreucci has an extensive back catalogue full of songs with meaningful lyrics and memorable musical hooks. But what is it that brought him to country music? Settle in and find out.


For me, country music is all about storytelling. Stories that come from deep down in the songwriters’ core. When you listen to a country song you can truly feel the emotions and experiences that the writer has gone through during the song writing process. I think that’s what lured me in as a songwriter to the genre, this idea of being slightly vulnerable every time you sit down and put pen to paper. Country music for me speaks the truth. There are songs about almost every situation in life – songs about heartbreak, happy times and songs for reminiscing. I think that’s why a lot of people are drawn to country, this idea of the music helping people through tough times, giving them strength to keep pushing on in life, and just knowing someone else has experienced something similar to what they’re currently going through. For me, country music is more than a genre, it’s almost a religion, guiding people through the trials and tribulations of life.


As a songwriter, I love recreating stories and experiences from my life and incorporating them into songs. Country music allows for me to do just that and the feeling of creating something that resonates with other people’s feelings and experiences is an amazing thing. If my music can help even just one person through a troubling time or give them inspiration in their life then I will feel I’ve achieved something special. Country music has been there for me through a lot and my goal is to create my own lyrical scripture to help others.


I think the first country song that I heard was “Last Thing I Needed First Thing This Morning” by Willie Nelson. I was really young when I first heard the song, and I can remember it kind of stopping me in my tracks, I think it was when I heard the lyrics “and excuse me for livin’, and being forgivin’, so just go on if you want to be free”. It’s a simple song with so much emotion and I think that’s what makes it so powerful. I still feel the same every time I hear it.


The one artist that inspired me most is Alan Jackson. I think the story of how he made it into Nashville and took the country world by storm is just incredible. His songwriting is so pure and I don’t think anyone has been able to write songs with as personal a touch as AJ. Songs like “Home”, “Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow” & “Someday” are masterpieces in my eyes, and I think he’ll go down as one of the greatest country artists and songwriters in history. I saw him perform live a couple of years ago in North Carolina and his vocals were just as good as they are on his records. I think he will always be an inspiration to me as an artist and songwriter myself.


If I could only listen to one country album for the next decade, it would be This One’s For You Too by Luke Combs. This album has a special place in my heart, so much so that I have some of the lyrics tattooed on me. I think this is one of the most impressive debut albums with hit after hit. I guess the songs on this record spoke to me in a different way and really helped me through a difficult stage in my life. I never get bored of this album so could happily listen to the this on repeat for the next decade.


Here are five of the songs most most influential to me as a country artist.



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