#wmyc: Daniel Borge

Norwegian Daniel Borge didn’t set out to become a musician – in fact, it was a simple twist of fate and a cancelled flight that led to an impromptu performance on Broadway in Nashville. With that one performance, Borge was hooked – and Nashville was hooked on him.


We took the time to get to know Daniel and to ask him some important questions – naturally, #whatmadeyoucountry.


Country music means to me… honest music, if I can say that. When looking back at the country music legends, many of them lived a hard life! Great lyrics come out of that. And today, most lyrics are very well-written and about everyday life.


I think the first country song I ever heard was the old church hymns. But one of the first songs that really made an impact was when I heard Garth Brooks sing “If Tomorrow Never Comes.” It left me speechless and I couldn’t hear enough of it. The first real country gig was at a bar in Fort Lauderdale before the Tortuga Music Festival was started.


The one artist that inspires me most is… Right now, I think it’s Luke Combs and HARDY. If I could only listen to one country album for the next decade, it would be any Luke Combs album – doesn’t matter which one!


Five of the most influential songs to me as a country artist:

(Also featured is Travis Tritt’s version of Blues Man, which isn’t available on Spotify to add to this playlist.)


Daniel’s debut single Room 208 is available to stream here. Follow Daniel on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or visit his website.