#whatmadeyoucountry - Fallon Schultz

Wisconsin native Fallon Schultz has been chasing her dream in Nashville for almost 3 years. Called It Love, her second single release, hit streaming platforms on January 29th, 2021.



Country music means everything to me. There are so many different styles and different ways that artists can choose to express their heart. Each song out there tells a story that hits your emotions in every way you need. Pop country, Texas country, Modern Country, etc. Country music has a bonding factor that no matter what style you choose to sing it or play it out, you know it’s country.


I chose country music because I’m able to connect with the storylines and the instrumental context. There is something about an acoustic guitar with the melody and lyrics of country music that just hits me different. I’ve grown up listening to all types of music, but some of my favorite memories are listening to Garth Brooks on the way up north to my grandparents house.


I’m pretty sure (the first country song I heard) was also Garth Brooks hahah. My parents would play his CD every time we would go up north. We would get off of this one exit, and you knew the CD would start playing. Ain’t Going Down Till The Sun Comes Up with the harmonica is the first thing that is coming to mind. It makes me feel so happy to go back to those moments jamming in the car with my parents and sister!


The one artist that inspired me most is probably Sugarland! Stay has always been a song that I’ve kept close to my heart. The power and vulnerability behind it really made an impact on how I choose to move forward with my music, hoping to reach the goal to impact people’s hearts how they have! If I could only listen to one country album for the next decade, it would be Brett Eldredge, Bring You Back. Gosh this album was big my Junior/Senior year of high school and I can just remember blasting his music in the car with my friend while we would take drives around town!


Five of my most influential songs:

(Fallon did include ‘Unanswered Prayers’ by Garth Brooks on this list, but Garth’s catalog is not available on Spotify.)


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