This week, I asked Naomi, Karen and Robert of Motel Sundown to tell me a little more about #whatmadeyoucountry.


The first country song Naomi remembers hearing is The Gambler by Kenny Rogers.  Karen’s first song was a Garth Brooks one – “probably whilst in the car with my dad!” – and Robert, who only discovered country music more recently through the folk and blues genres, says the first artist who really gripped him was Gram Parsons.  

Gillian Welch is the one who steered Robert towards country, whilst Karen credits Shania Twain and Johnny Cash.  Naomi names Dolly Parton as her greatest influence.  

When asked for five songs that defined their country direction, we got five songs from each band member for a mega playlist.

Robert claims the first five songs and Karen claims the next five.  Naomi chose the final five on the playlist.  Coward of the County is one of her dad’s favourites.  She remembers hearing All I Have To Do is Dream in the car when she was young, and says it was the harmonies that specifically stood out to her. I think I can speak for us all when I say we’re grateful for that influence!

Motel Sundown is an Americana/Country band based in Liverpool, UK.  Their influences range from Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles to Dolly Parton and Neil Young.  With rich, earthy harmonies their music is a unique blend of Americana, Country and Folk Rock.  You can follow them online on Facebook, Twitter @ MotelSundown and Instagram @motelsundownband.  You can also watch them at LIVERPOOL ARTS BAR LIVE.