To celebrate the release of her fantastic new single, How Good You Are, we asked Reya Jayne to tell us all about #whatmadeyoucountry.


The first song that I can remember (hearing) would most likely be Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Well’.  The Red album opened me up to all of her amazing other albums and before I knew it I was spiralling down a rabbit hole of country music on Spotify! As for gigs, my first country gig was Lori McKenna’s writers round at Tin Pan South Songwriters Festival in Nashville last spring!
If I had to pinpoint any one song or artist who influenced you to make country music, it would be Jesus Take the Wheel by Carrie Underwood. The lyrics are just so beautiful and my thirteen-year-old self was mesmerised. Carrie’s melodies are always incredible as well!
If I could only listen to one country album for the next ten years, it would be ‘The Tree’ by Lori McKenna. This album would be perfect if only Humble & Kind was on it too!
Five songs that ‘defined’ you as a country fan and artist are in this playlist. ‘Sparks Fly’ by Taylor Swift had me dancing round my bedroom to this as a teenager, solo dance parties are the best!  I saw Lori play ‘Humble & Kind’ in Nashville and was blown away. It helped me through some really rough times and is all I need to remind myself to not only be kind to others but also to myself. I actually have plans to get the lyrics as my next tattoo.  ‘You’re Still The One’ is for my mum, she absolutely loves Shania and always has!

I really relate to ‘Wide Open Spaces’. And as for ‘Last Name’ – this is the first country song I remember performing at my music school and I LOVED the sass. Carrie is truly a female BOSS. Love her and this song!



Reya’s new single, How Good You Are, is released today and is available on all major platforms for streaming and download.  You can follow Reya on Instagram @reyajaynemusic, Twitter @reyajaynemusic and Facebook at Reya Jayne Music.  Keep an eye on Reya’s socials to find out when and where she’ll be live-streaming next!